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View from Pillar Point

Wharariki Beach Bicycle and Camping Adventure

New Zealand's Golden Bay is famous for its abundant sunshine, white sand beaches, and deep blue waters. Due to the fact that most of the area is national parkland you need some sort of transport to experience the stunning sights. Of course, I believe the best way to really take in the gorgeous … [Read More...]


7 Tips for Better Bicycle Touring

I recently met an 18 year old French bicycle traveler. In seven months, the same amount of time I’d been biking around New Zealand, he cycled from LA to New York AND back again, rode around Hawaii’s big island (hiking with his bike at some points since you can’t actually cycle around it), and … [Read More...]

Bicycle ready for departure

How to put your Bicycle on a Plane

People are often surprised to learn that I brought my bicycle with me overseas. They assume it is very expensive to do, but actually checking your bike doesn't have to cost anything. It also doesn't have to mean putting your bike at risk of being damaged in transit. Here's how I recommend you put … [Read More...]

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New Zealand

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