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How to Cycle the Otago Rail Trail on a Budget

The Otago Rail trail is New Zealand’s original cycling trail and widely considered the country’s premier biking route. If you’re looking for a real challenge, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re happy to pedal blissfully past tussock speckled hillsides toward lavender hued mountain ranges this 150 km …[Read More...]

Wharariki Beach Bicycle and Camping Adventure

New Zealand's Golden Bay is famous for its abundant sunshine, white sand beaches, and deep blue waters. Due to the fact that most of the area is national parkland you need some sort of transport to experience the stunning sights. Of course, I believe the best way to really take in the gorgeous …[Read More...]

7 Tips for Better Bicycle Touring

I recently met an 18 year old French bicycle traveler. In seven months, the same amount of time I’d been biking around New Zealand, he cycled from LA to New York AND back again, rode around Hawaii’s big island (hiking with his bike at some points since you can’t actually cycle around it), and …[Read More...]

True Touring Tales

Dairy cows in New Zealand

Bliss, Boots, and Cow Poo

“...If you do follow your bliss and put yourself on the kind of track that has been there waiting for you all the while, waiting for you, and the life …[Read More...]

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